Pet supplies can be costly, huh? Between the food, the treats, the toys (that they inevitably chew through, sometimes in record time) -- they can be costly. But we go above and beyond for our pets, whether dog, cat, hamster, bird, turtle, snake, mouse -- it doesn't matter, because they're family.

We get it and so do our friends at Columbia Records. So we're teaming up to get you a pretty sweet hookup for your cute little fur (or scaly?) baby -- $500 in pet supplies! What's the catch? None. We just want to see how cute your pet(s) are.

The first, and most IMPORTANT thing you need to do -- DOWNLOAD OUR FREE 94.9 HOM APP!! You need it to win -- there's NO. OTHER. WAY. to get in on this contest. It can't be stressed enough -- IN ORDER TO ENTER, YOU NEED OUR APP. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Second thing that's a huge help for you (because seriously, we're all about you winning. You and your pet(s) deserve this after the wild year we've had -- turn on your contest alerts. By doing that, you'll get the exclusive info about this contest, reminders -- everything you need to try and win.

And lastly -- HAVE FUN! Flip through your old pictures of whatever kind of pet you have, re-live the amazing fun memories you've had with them since day one, and pick out an adorable picture that you think is a dead-ringer to win. Or better yet, take the weekend to figure out how you can set them apart from every other cute pet picture that will be uploaded, and execute that idea!

Oh, and did we mention making sure you download our FREE app so you can make sure you're able to even enter in the first place?

You have until Tuesday, March 16 to enter, and the winner will be announced during the morning show on St. Paddy's morning! GOOD LUCK! We're SO excited to see your pets and to find out who is New England's "Lucky Pet" that will snag that $500 in pet supplies, thanks to Columbia Records!

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