It's a Christmas tree to some, but it's a whole lot more to others.

Last Thursday, Portland got its annual Christmas Tree in Monument Square, which is awesome in and of itself, considering there's rumors that some major cities won't have one at all (we're looking at you, Faneuil Hall in Boston).

But getting that tree put up in Monument Square on Thursday was another level of awesome, because the story behind it is absolutely amazing and REEKS of so much of the loving Christmas spirit that we all need right now.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, the tree that went up was planted 30 years ago by a woman named Edith Arey. Unfortunately, Edith passed away back in June, but it was always her dream to have one of the trees she planted be the featured tree in Monument Square during the most wonderful time of the year. (Her husband died 13 years ago, and his office was right downtown near where the tree is put up every year, so she was hoping to pay tribute to him in that way, but city officials couldn't take one of the trees.)

Edith's daughter, Nancy Arey Cohen, was downtown in Portland on Thursday while the tree went up. You have to think that was such a raw, emotional moment for her. It was her mother's dream -- HER DREAM -- to have one of those trees be posted up downtown. She actually told WMTW that she felt like she was "here with both my parents at Christmas time -- it's my mom's tree right in front of my dad's office and the city couldn't have made me happier."

Coincidence that MONTHS after Edith passed away, her dream of having one of those trees become the one that everyone in Portland and even away would be staring at? Maybe. But if you're like me and don't necessarily believe anything is a coincidence, but is the universe's plan all along -- man, this is the pure BEAUTY of this time of year that you can't make up.

Merry Christmas, Arey Family. Dreams do come true.

(And if you're wondering, yes. I 100% had a lump in my throat and dust in my eyes typing that last paragraph.)

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