What is going on at Brgr Bar in Portland, Maine? Is the popular downtown restaurant on Brown Street shutting its doors forever, or just temporarily until this COVID-19 nightmare is over? The message on Brgr Bar's voicemail suggests the latter. We also reached out to the restaurant on Facebook, and were told that only the Portsmouth location is open. This still leaves our question unanswered.

If you look at the sign in the picture below, it clearly says, "Turn-Key Bar/Restaurant With Outdoor Patio For Lease." We called the number listed, but have not heard back yet. Hopefully, this is all a misunderstanding, and Brgr Bar is not closing forever. It is one of our top ten fave burger joints in Portland. Plus, where will we go to get those delicious adult milkshakes? No one can make those like Brgr Bar. What a bummer!

(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG Staff)
(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG Staff)

We will keep you posted if we find out more.

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