Why First Responders Deserve All of Our Respect


Being a first responder is a calling


The men and women that become doctors, nurses, police, and firefighters truly answer a higher calling.  They are never off duty and never shy away from an emergency. Reporting from whdh.com tells the story of some firefighters who were on a flight out of Boston when they noticed a passenger in medical distress.


Firefighters Jump into Action


North Attleboro Fire Chief Christopher Coleman tells whdh.com that “We saw a passenger that was extremely gray and not responding. As soon as we recognized there was a problem our training kicked in.  We do this stuff all over the place, in all different kinds of settings.  Never thought I’d be doing it in an airplane up above.” Firefighters from North Attleboro were on their way to visit the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial in Colorado Springs to honor fallen firefighters which include two of North Attleboro’s own, firefighters Chris Cornetta and Jack White.


Firefighters Quick Action


The firefighter’s quick response revied the passenger in about a minute with CPR and they monitored him until landing in Chicago where the passenger was taken to a local hospital.  I suppose if I have a heart attack on a plane, I hope there are firefighters on board.  What a lucky passenger.  Unluckily to have a medical problem but lucky that he had the right team of heroes on the plane to help.  As 7newsboston says, “A firefighter is never off duty.”  I’m glad to hear the passenger that experienced the medical distress is doing okay now.




This story makes me smile, always love a feel-good story

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