Growing up, my favorite sport to play was baseball. And rarely will I brag on myself, but I was good at it. When you feel like you're a decent player (or really, any skill-level ever and any sport), you always dream of one day being good enough to play for your hometown team. If you're from New England and you played football, odds are you wanted to be on the Pats. Basketball? The Celtics. I always wanted to play for the Red Sox.

And while my "amazing career" fizzled out in high school, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader, a different New Hampshire native broke the glass ceiling and made it to the Bigs, and now he had a solid chance to become the new manager for the Red Sox. (Since the Union Leader posted the above article, CBS Boston confirmed reports that Alex Cora won back the manager role for the Sox.)

Sam Fuld is from Durham, NH, and moved on from the 603 to play professional ball for the Tampa Bay Rays, the Chicago Cubs, the Minnesota Twins, and a couple different stints with the Oakland Athletics. Right now, he's working as an executive for the Philadelphia Phillies. But the coolest part is he had the opportunity to come home to manage his hometown team, which has to be just as equal of a dream as playing for them, right?

Unfortunately, it didn't work out for Sam, and instead the Sox brought Cora back, who managed the Sox to a World Series title back in 2018, is the other finalist alongside Sam. And in case you forgot, Cora didn't come back for this past season (he coached in 2019) because he was suspended for one year following a sign-stealing cheating scandal from his 2017 season, where he managed the Astros to a World Series title, too.

I TRULY thought the Sox wouldn't bring someone who has that kind of tarnish on their name back into the organization, but then again, a lot of what the Sox have done lately hasn't made the most sense to a lot of fans, so never know. Plus, with such an abysmal season this year, I'm sure they only care about one thing -- WINNING.

I was rooting for you, Sam -- would've been great to have a hometown guy who I'm sure had big hometown dreams as a kid take the team over. Now go out there and make John Henry regret it.

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