News Center Maine's Keith Carson is a scientist. You're may be saying to yourself, "No he's not. He's a weatherman." Well, you're wrong on both counts.

Keith Carson is a meteorologist which is defined by the American Meteorological Society as "An individual with specialized education who uses scientific principles to explain, understand, observe, or forecast Earth's atmospheric phenomena and/or how the atmosphere affects Earth and life on the planet."  That kids is what we call a scientist, and one of the things scientists learn to earn their degree is mathematics, and that's exactly what he used to disprove recent comments on his Facebook page.

Maine's weather forecast for Wednesday afternoon was unique. There was a 5% tornado risk forecast for Maine from about Bangor south, which rarely ever happens.

It didn't take long for commenters on Facebook to turn that 5% tornado risk into a Covid comparison by saying 5% is twice as dangerous as Covid. Stand back and watch Keith flex.

The math is actually pretty simple. You can probably figure this out yourself. There are two deaths in Maine from 140 years of record-keeping averaging 0.014 deaths per year. As of September 15, there have been 969 Covid-19 deaths in Maine from 1.5 years of record-keeping for an average of 646 deaths per year. Now divide 646 by 0.014 and the math and science show that 46,142 people are more likely to die of Covid-19 than from a tornado in Maine.

Keith Carson via Facebook
Keith Carson via Facebook

Keith isn't one to hold back on laying the science on commenters and I respect that. "So please let’s give the misinformation a rest for a bit," Keith writes. "Especially on a post trying to communicate important weather information."


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