Electric Buddhas has been a downtown Portland staple for those unique finds and vintage items. They have long called Oak Street home but have now moved into some new digs.

Back in July Electric Buddhas announced that they were moving just around the corner to 556 Congress Street. The move took about a month longer than anticipated due to problems within the supply chain thanks to COVID but the grand reopening is officially planned for this Friday, September 17th.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The bread and butter of Electric Buddhas is vinyl. What was once a relic of the past has seen an epic resurgence in a world of streaming that loses a special sound quality and the joy of the tactile experience of holding and playing your favorite record.

Additionally, for those truly committed to the retro music experience, Electric Buddhas also has CDs and cassettes. For movie lovers, VHS tapes, and video game lovers retro consoles and games.

You can find all that and more at the grand reopening this Friday. You never know what sort of treasures you'll find. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and stop by next time you're on Congress Street.

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