Have you ever seen the Aurora Borealis?

I remember learning about the special sky light show when I was in grade school and thought it was the most magical thing but did not realize at a young age that you could actually see them in real life.

When we think about the northern lights display, we typically think they can only be seen near the arctic but did you know we can actually see them here in Maine?

Aurora Borealis Spotted in Maine

In fact, they were spotted here in Maine just last night on Sunday, Feb. 26. The US National Weather Service in Gray posted an incredible photo on Facebook sharing the display.

What’s crazy about these photos is that they were captured on a cellphone!

With today’s technology, you no longer need a nice camera for incredible photographs. You may think it would take an expensive Canon or Nikon to take these shots but all you need is the phone in your hand.

As the post shares, the northern lights look like a mere glow on the horizon but they were able to capture the colorful beauty of it using the 10-second exposure setting on the phone camera.

I’ve never seen them in person or even noticed a colorful glow in the distance even when I try to look out for them. Based on the photos and videos I’ve seen, it’s a captivating and magical sight to see in the night sky.

Have you seen this magical light display before? Where were you when you saw it?

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