During this dreadful time of Covid, it's wonderful news to hear that one of the wackiest athletic competitions in Maine will still be happening this year.

The Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship at Sunday River has been a yearly tradition for decades, and in 2020 it will go on.

If you are not familiar with the wacky couples challenge. An insane obstacle course is navigated with the wife carried face down on the husband's back her arms wrapped around his waist and legs around his neck.

The race even has a giant mud puddle (called the widow maker) to get through. This course certainly looks like it would be a struggle even without someone on your back.

The winners get the wife's weight in BEER and five times her weight in CASH. And the team that gets the grand prize will go to Finland (hopefully they let Americans in by then) next summer to compete in the World Wife Carrying Championship.

Organizers of the event of course want to ensure that everything is super fun and super safe. So there have been some adjustments made to the rules and it will be held on a Friday rather than a Saturday to help curb the crowd size of onlookers.

This is always a wicked fun event so we are psyched to see that they found a way to go through with it.

The 21st North American Wife Carrying Championship is Friday October 9, 2020.

Check some the highlights from last year's battle.

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