Mainers are some of the toughest most resilient people on the planet. Just ask us. So it makes sense that we finally have a TV show to prove it. Some of our gritty neighbors are braving the woods and competing in YouTube reality gameshow called, Surviving Maine inspired by the long-running CBS hit, Survivor.  

Like the real Survivor, the participants are separated into two tribes. The Surviving Maine tribes are named Skidder and Lombard. They have immunity challenges, alliances, and tribal councils too

It's a weekly series that debuted earlier this month. According to the Surviving Maine Facebook Page, the episodes were filmed pre-Covid in 2019 and will be debuting on Wednesdays.

We've put the first two shows in the spotlight here. So, we thought you might want to watch the latest one, that was just released yesterday.

In the this week's episode, two players are now gone. One who "asked to be voted out because she missed her daughter" and another who was voted out and "sent home on his birthday." Ouch...harsh, bub. Now it it's down to 17 competitors.

They'll be hauling sleds weighted down with logs over to a station where they need to complete a puzzle. Who'll win the challenge?

Let's watch and find out who gets voted off this week, and who will remain. Week after week, we'll get closer to learning which contestant will ultimately be the last hearty Mainer left standing.

Do you like the show? Then, how 'bout you share it with a friend? We're sure the hard working crew and cast members of Surviving Maine would love it if you did!

If production of the show comes back someday after Covid, maybe they can kick it up even more with some Maine winter battles. Now that, would be mighty savage. Yessuh.

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