Recently, in Bar Harbor, firefighters helped to save a horse name Truman at Wild Iris Farm that had fallen on it's side.

Wild Iris Farm is located on 2 Lakewood Farm road in Bar Harbor. They offer full service horse boarding. They are home to the Wild Iris Shires. Shires are an amazing breed of draft horse which came originally from England. This lovely horse farm in Bar Harbor has a full service stable.

According to the comments on the Bar Harbor Fire Departments Facebook page, I could not find a finite reason why the horse fell over but I am assuming that Truman, is not feeling too well or has some type of medical program.

The firefighters worked alongside farm staff, neighbors and friends to help come up with a plan to get this lovely horse back on his feet.

They came up with a 4:1 rope system where they would lift the horse, carefully from the ground. Because of this gently executed plan, the horse was finally able to walk safely. There was a vet standing by to provide additional care after the rescue.

Thankfully these folks came up with an idea to safely get Truman back on his feet. Hopefully he's feeling better and will be able to frolick in no time.

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