It's hard to believe that one of the greatest natural disasters to ever hit Maine happened 23 years ago. Many of us, myself included, were just young kids when the weeks worth of ice and cold pummeled the state of Maine.

Well now there's a website that's dedicated to the memory of what was a crazy few weeks here in the Pine Tree State. According to WABI, Isaiah Mosher of Wells has built a website that's goal is to 'play a little bit of fun' while also remembering the severity of 1998.

Mosher goes on to say in the website's 'about us' section,

It is amazing after all these years those of us who were around still remember vividly the images of downed power lines and trees. It was right after Christmas vacation, all of us kids fearing the start of a new semester and looking with faint hope at an approaching storm.  Maybe, we all thought collectively, as watched weather and did some rough math to judge if we'd get an extra day or two tacked on to our winter break. Then it happened. It was more than we could have hoped for - two weeks of freedom from teachers and learning.  However, we learned quick to be careful what you wish for, because it was a true storm with real implications.  Weeks without power, took more than just the fun from the extra time off...

Additionally, the site has an Ice Storm '98 merch store, too!


If you're interested in checking out the new site, or perhaps ordering an Ice Storm tumbler or onsie, just click over to and begin your Christmas shopping early.

If you have any vintage photos of the ice storm, we'd love to see them. Send them to us now through the station Facebook page or through our app!

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