I moved to Maine from Pennsylvania when I was young, and because of my age, I didn't really notice too many differences apart from the accent and food.

One thing that surprised me and my mom was the "Hoagies." Now, if you're in PA and order a hoagie, it's a huge Italian sandwich with every single deli meat known to man.

My mom brought us to Sam's Italian Sandwich Shoppe and ordered an Italian because it was similar to a hoagie, and we were very surprised by the size and lack of meat. So, my mother being, well, my mother, respectively instructed them on how to make it better. God, I love her.

The accent was a little difficult to get used to for me. I couldn't understand 'yous guys.' Yes, I said 'yous guys', because that's how we refer to 'you guys.'

But some of you didn't understand me. I would ask for water, but apparently, I was pronouncing it as "wooder", and no one understood. It's safe to say that I got really thirsty.

We put this question out to you all on our Facebook page and asked you all what shocked you about Maine after moving here. The responses flew in faster than that sandwich maker trying to fix my mom's Hoagie.

Some of you talked a lot about the weather and how summers are too short and the wind is fierce. Many of you spoke about the food and price of living.

But there were also things I have never heard of, like how gas station pizza isn't such a prominent food choice in other states, but it's huge here, and we love it. Well done.

Speaking of food, we had many comments on the fact that people were surprised to see the color of our hot dogs! Mainers love red hot dogs, and I did a little research on the real reason hot dogs are red in Maine. What I found was an informational video posted by the YouTube channel, Mashed!

These hot dogs are called Red Snappers, and there is a very satisfying pop when you bite into them.

Red snappers are amongst many things that out-of-staters and new Mainers are shocked by when visiting or moving to our beautiful state. Here's a list of some of those things:

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