Who started the junk drawer anyway?

From bread ties to batteries that you have no idea if they are any good, we love our junk drawers. Some of us are more organized than others, but they are all stuffed with surprises. With all the rain we've had, it would be a perfect task to watch a movie and clean out the junk drawer. I love Wikipedia's description,

As their name suggests, junk drawers often contain various types of unrelated and unorganized objects, such as small commonly-used tools like screwdrivers, pliers, tape measures, scissors, glue, sandpaper, birthday candles, and pens; small, loose, hard-to-store items like thumbtacks, binder clips, toothpicks, rubber bands, batteries, and safety pins; stationery and crafting materials; "leftover" objects of uncertain or forgotten origin like "orphaned" board game pieces, bottle caps, and old electronics chargers; coins and receipts; medication and bandages; or even objects with sentimental value such as souvenirs and love letters.


Mine has things in it that are ridiculous. I swear that if I took the whole drawer and dumped it in the trash, I wouldn't miss a thing. I can never find what I'm looking for. Where the hell DID I put that super glue?

Does your junk drawer have anything unique in it? Or is it typical with spare dice, crappy rubber bands, and batteries that could be dead? Could be good too. Who knows and who has the time to figure it out? Just stick it back in that drawer. What's in your junk drawer?

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