The pandemic lead to some crazy times. 2020 became a year where many of us had to stay inside and isolate ourselves. This meant that we couldn't go out to some of our favorite places.

Due to the pandemic, many places were forced to close. Some, ended up closing for good, while others reopened after some time.

One location in Maine that has still not reopened since the pandemic is the Maine State Aquarium, however, that is soon about to change.

According to the State of Maine Department of Marine Resources, after temporarily closing its doors in 2020, the Maine State Aquarium is set to reopen later this year.

The Maine State Aquarium may look a bit different if you've visited it in the past. The State of Maine Department of Marine Resources states that in 2021, they started to renovate and remodel the building due to structural issues that needed to be addressed, as well as created new exhibits for you to enjoy on your next visit.

According to Boothbay Register, with a new floor and some electrical work, the Maine State Aquarium is well on its way to opening later this year.

So when is the Maine State Aquarium going to open? Well, according to Boothbay Register, the opening will coincide with this year's Windjammer Days (June 25th to July 1st).

Therefore, towards the end of June, you may be able to go back and visit the updated Maine State Aquarium.

It is important to note that the aquarium plans to open in stages from this summer to next summer. What you can expect to see if you choose to visit this summer is new tanks, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities (like the touch tank).

Boothbay Register states that the aquarium will close again this Fall to continue some more work adding more to the Maine State Aquarium.

The Maine State Aquarium's Facebook page is where you can go to stay up to date with the aquarium's opening schedule, admission fees, and all updates.

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