It was reported yesterday on WGME News Channel 13 that local environmentalist groups are thrilled with the result to reinstate the lobstering ban on part of the Maine Coast. This ban has been a topic of discussion for quite a while with many different opinions coming from Maine Lobsterman and the Environmentalists.

It's nearly a thousand square mile ban about 30 miles off the coast from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay Area. This part of the ocean is where Maine Lobsterman catches lobster. When catching lobster you have to use equipment and the environmentalist say that the equipment they are using is entangling and endangering the Right Whales. It's also believed that this could cause the extinction of whales.

However, at the same time, this is going to negatively affect business for many lobstermen.

Environmentalist, Kristen Monsell who is the oceans legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity said.

“We're just thrilled that the First Circuit [Court of Appeals] has recognized that the agency followed the science, that entanglements are in fact an existential threat to the right whale. And that the species will now have this important conservation measure in place for the next few months,”

Of course, we want to take care of our sea life. Ocean preservation has been a heavy conversation for a very long time. For as long as I can remember we've been trying to find ways, specifically in Maine, to protect all of the animals that live under the sea.

However, it's been said that lobster fishing with buoy lines is no longer allowed in this area. I'd like to note that this is temporary, as of now,  being regulated from October through January.

Tillie Crimew via Unsplash
Tillie Crimew via Unsplash

Because of this law, the Maine Lobstering Union sued over this closer. They propelled a $10 million crusade to combat regulations. It should be pointed out that there has not been a confirmed case of right whale entanglement with Maine lobster equipment since 2004.

Monsell adds that she believes this is an important conservation measure that provides the right whale protection and relief from deadly lobster gear. She does also say many cases can't be attributed to a specific fishery, but that it still poses a risk.

So the question is, does the lobster gear really affect the right whales since there haven't been proven cases of entanglement for over 20 years? It is clear that this ruling will affect Maine lobsterman communities. How will they sustain themselves if they're shut down? These are questions that I hope to get answered and come to a conclusion where all parties can be satisfied with the outcome.

We love our Sea Life and our Maine lobsterman.

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