Even though it's been over 13 years since I graduated from Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine I am still very proud of where I came from and the people of that community.

And while science wasn't my best subject, Matt Buchwalder's Honors Biology class recently participated in a project that's going to look pretty incredible on their college applications:

Guinness World Record Holder

The students were in the midst of learning about genetics. As part of this study, the students learned about the structure of DNA. For the last 7 years of Mr. Buchwalder teaching Honors Biology, he had his students add on to this DNA model.

The model is simple. In fact, anyone could make one themselves with a few office supplies; paperclips and colored paper. Each color is associated with one of the four molecules that make up DNA according to Lincoln Academy. This chain wasn't made at random, however, it replicates the exact DNA code from hemoglobin.


After 7 years Mr. Buchwalder was running out of room in his classroom. It was time to measure.

To meet Guinness World Record standards there were multiple witnesses present and official measurements taken. All in all the chain measured at 247 feet 2 inches which beat the previous record holder of 225 feet by a man in New Zealand.

There's still some behind-the-scenes work to do for it to become official but as Lincoln Academy reports, it's expected to be accepted soon.

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