As the father of two young daughters who use the internet regularly, I found this study alarming. According to Safewise, Maine is not doing enough to protect children from cyber threats on the internet. In fact, it's the fifth worst state in the country. The study gave each state a letter grade based on several key categories, and Maine got a D. Yikes! While Maine does have laws adressing cyberbullying or online harassment, and schools discipline cyberbullying, there are several more things the state could be doing to protect our children. While other states have legal consequences for online harassment, discipline for off-campus offenses, laws addressing sexting, and misdemeanor or felony penalties for sexting, Maine has yet to put any of those in place.

It looks like in Maine, the responsibility mostly lies with parents. What are you doing to keep your kids safe online? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!

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