Now, do not get me wrong, I am not trying to diss any of the libraries in the state of Maine. However, one library in Massachusetts is offering something out of the ordinary, that honestly may be used by multiple Mainers.

In case you were unaware, Maine is actually home to the first documented haunting and is a hotspot for both supernatural and paranormal activity. Not only are there known to be some creatures, but also many spirits haunt the state of Maine.

With all the possible ghosts floating around, wouldn't it be kind of fun to see if you can find one? Don't get me wrong, it could be scary, but there are many paranormal investigators that do this weekly in Maine.

If you were ever interested in doing your own paranormal investigation, would you know where to start? Well, one library in Massachusetts has taken it upon itself to help those that would like to try to communicate with those on the other side.

Southwick Public Library posted on Facebook a new item that library cardholders can borrow. Forget about books, this library allows you to borrow a ghost hunting kit. You read that right, a ghost hunting kit. The kit includes a digital thermometer, EMF detector, walkie talkies, and a voice recorder.

There is one stipulation (other than needing to have a library card). Anyone that wants to borrow the kit needs to be a resident and be at least 18 years old.

But how cool would it be to be able to use a ghost kit here in Maine? More importantly, use a FREE ghost kit!

With all the suspected and known haunted spots in Maine, I honestly feel that Maine needs to add some of these ghost kits to their libraries.

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