Let's go shopping, shall we? It is one of my favorite past times and I can tell you right now, if I am having an icky day, a little retail therapy does wonders, especially when you can uncover great finds local and affordably.

Madlyn's New & Used Consignment Shop is where it's at. Melissa is the owner and after 12 years of doing business and serving the folks in Waterville, she has now officially relocated to the Old Port as of December 17th.

Her store has been a beloved spot to visit in Waterville and now every one needs to know that she's in the Old Port and ready to be your new favorite spot! 

At Madlyn's, you not only can shop but also, consign! Offering a variety of trendy recents, vintage treasures, and timeless pieces, you'll have everything at your finger tips.

Madlyn's also offers real time updates on what they are offering on their Facebook Page! She also offers discounts, live auctions and is very connected to her social media audience updating frequently on her offers.

If you want to walk into a world of past, present, and future designs, you can count on Madlyn's to outfit you to the fullest.

Not to mention, women in business in Maine is increasing by the day and supporting local as well as consignment shops, is a wonderful thing for our community as a whole.

Even more exciting, look out for Madlyn’s to be coming on Seize the Deal in Portland very soon!

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