One of the results of the pandemic here in Maine is that people and businesses both came to realize that being outside, specifically in the warmer months, isn't so bad. Because it was the only way to survive in 2020, more restaurants and breweries reinvented their outdoor space, from sidewalk tables to all-season igloos. As restrictions continue to ease in 2021, the question becomes, will anyone want to go back to the way things were? Many businesses are finding the answer to be no. So creativity remains king and one brewery in Portland is intent on keeping the people happy...and outside.

Shared on Facebook by Lone Pine Brewing Company, Lone Pine has extended their outdoor space significantly at their Portland taproom with a brand new beer garden. The beer garden is adjacent to their indoor taproom and features plenty of standing space along with picnic tables to take a load off and relax. During peak hours, Lone Pine will also be pouring many of their offerings from the beer garden bar, making it quick, easy and efficient to grab some of your favorites from the brewery while enjoying some fresh air and a nice hilltop view of the neighborhood.

Several breweries in Maine continue to roll with the punches when it comes to their taprooms and the ability to have guests rejoin them for a pint. Lone Pine, like many others, expect crowds to return this summer and once again make the craft beer scene a popular destination. Might be time to grab a seat at the beer garden before it overflows.

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