We love to see new restaurants pop up throughout Portland, Maine. It seems like that's our new norm around this city; just a new cocktail bar or fun place to grab dinner popping up every other month.

I like it though. It's starting to create a ton of diversity in our little foodie town, and keeps things up to date. This new one expected to open on Exchange Street is called Low Stakes Lodge. That sounds like a cozy steakhouse.

New date night spot! By the way, if you're familiar with a little seafood joint also tuckered into Exchange Street called High Roller, then you'll like this little fun fact. Portland Old Port has the inside scoop. This spring, Low Stakes Lodge is opening literally right next door to the seafood spot, which kind of creates its own surf and turf feel. Brilliant marketing.

Any guesses on who's behind the irony of opening up a steakhouse right next to a seafood house? Again, Portland Old Port has the facts on this one. But if you guessed that the same dudes that own High Roller are opening up Low States Lodge, you'd be correct. That how we know it'll be quality. Or maybe I'm biased, since I'm a huge High Roller fan.

We're excited to see what these guys do with this place!

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