It's not your typical escape room because it's not just an escape room.

And this coming Saturday, even though you'd think it's a prank because of April Fools Day, it's no joke.

A popular escape room/theater show/adventure experience in Boston will be closing and start looking around for a new place to operate out of.

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Escape Rooms

When you think of escape rooms, generally it's a pretty simple thought -- a room you try to escape room. Follow clues, crack codes, and solve mysteries so you can make your way out of the room you're locked into, generally with a 60-minute time limit.

Those on their own are incredibly fun and popular, but then there are escape rooms that are taken to the next level like the SAW Escape Room in Las Vegas that's modeled after the hit movies.

Then there are the escape rooms like the one mentioned above that are a mix of an escape room, a theater performance, adventure, and for the 21+ versions, cocktail making.

Jessica Rainville and Liz Harding
Jessica Rainville and Liz Harding

Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience: Boston

According to Explore Hidden, the Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience is a 90-minute journey set up as a Victorian cocktail experience inside a Castle that's perfect for an outside-the-box night out.

Diving deeper with first-hand knowledge from a pair of friends, Jessica Rainville and Liz Harding, who just attended the Cocktail Experience:

It's an hour-and-a-half-long theater production, cocktail experience, and escape room-style event. It’s not like a regular escape room but it has some of the elements that get you participating as an audience member.. Part of the experience is even to create your own drink through a series of riddles that aren’t really hard, but they’re fun to decipher.

Jessica and Liz went on to highlight the atmosphere being "whimsical and very much Beauty and the Beast" with "extremely funny and talented actors staying in character pretty much the whole time."

Jessica Rainville and Liz Harding
Jessica Rainville and Liz Harding

While Jessica and Liz mentioned there is no dinner served at the event, "for the cost of the ticket you get two drinks and the 90-minute theater experience, which is absolutely worth it."

Unfortunately, even though Explore Hidden has the Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience: Boston listed as being featured at The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks on Franklin Street in Boston until December 31 of this year, the actors told Jessica and Liz that this Saturday would be their final performance at that venue.

They're currently looking for another venue to host the Cocktail Experience after their final performance at The Merchant this Saturday.

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