As stay-at-home orders have increased our desire to head outdoors when given the opportunity, the Maine Centers for Disease Control and the Maine Forest Service issued an important reminder, it's browntail moth caterpillar season in Maine right now, and they're still extremely dangerous.

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According to NewscenterMaine, Browntail moth caterpillars have already begun emerging from their webs, and while they look harmless, they're anything but. The tiny hairs that cover the caterpillars body are toxic for many humans and can cause issues like rashes or if inhaled, significant breathing problems for some individuals.

From now through July, Mainers are at the greatest risk of interacting with browntail moth caterpillars while the caterpillars are their most active. All counties across southern and central Maine are likely already seeing browntails emerge, with midcoast and downeast counties following in the coming weeks.

If possible, the Maine CDC and Maine Forest Service suggest people wait for damp conditions to mow their lawns, sweep outdoors or rake. In this time of wearing masks, wearing one while performing outdoor activities with significantly reduce your chance of inhaling tiny hairs. Lastly, if you are able to, you should wear long pants, sleeves and any other protective wear to avoid contact with tiny hairs while engaging in outdoor activities.

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