The Washington Post just published 'A Local's Guide to Portland', written by NH native Kate Gardner who moved to Portland in 2004.

She includes a place for every purpose in her list of the not-so-touristy hot spots. She's found a place for being in *or out* of the action, eating any meal of the day, relaxing or getting a little wild!

I learned a thing or two looking over this list, as Kate does a great job of characterizing spots I already knew of as exactly the genre they fit into.

If I were to write an Insider Guide I would include the Nickelodeon (especially $5 Tuesdays!), Flea for All, and Maps, my favorite underground, low-key bar that offers a menu full of different grilled cheese varieties.

What I love most about this city is the endless number of hidden finds of every variety. You can discover something new every day.

Is your favorite Portland place on the list? I hit up Arcadia at least once a week, having moved into an apartment on the same street.

Here's the list: What would you add to it?

The Old Port: The place to get in the action

The West End: The place to relax

Coffee ME Up: The place for breakfast

Local 188: The place for brunch

Sisters Gourmet Deli: The place for lunch

Bao Bao Dumpling House: Another lunch spot

Roma Cafe: Dinner!

Arcadia National Bar: Dranks and games

The Portland Zoo: A laid-back night out

Arts District: The hip neighborhood to peruse

Industrial Way: The brewery spot!

Print: A Bookstore: You guessed it... a bookstore.

Back Cove Trail: The place to walk off all that food you just ate

Washington Avenue: The brewery and restaurant and shop stop

'Find' Vintage: All the perfectly-worn-in clothes you been dreaming of

What would you add to this list? Or would you rather keep your local knowledge local?

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