People can't seem to agree.

The ginormous shark was seen off of the York, Maine coast on Monday morning by some boaters who shot video (below) of the encounter. A local woman, Cassandra Constantino, was fishing off Cape Neddick's Nubble Island when the massive shark swam under her boat, according to News Center Maine who shared the video on its YouTube channel. Constantino said she thought it was a dolphin at first, before she got a closer look, as per the news station.

Marine biologist Dr. James Sulikowski told the NBC news affiliate that it a basking shark, the second-largest species of shark after the whale shark. He said they can get up to be 30-plus feet long. Obviously, he is an expert. Size matters when it comes to sharks. So, it's interesting to see people disagreeing about it in the comment section of News Center Maine's YouTube channel. Some people think this shark is a Great White.

By the way, a cautionary advisory was issued from York, as per News Center Maine.

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