I am at that age where all of my friends seem to be tying the knot. And along with the engagement parties and the bridal showers comes my favorite part of the whole ordeal, the bachelorette party: the time where the bride can just let loose and shake her tail feather with all her favorite gal pals.

I have gone to some really fun destination bachelorettes. Martha’s Vineyard, Newport and just a few weeks ago I was in Nashville, TN which was SO MUCH FUN. Above is a photo of the whole bridal party rocking tutus. (Ridiculous, I know!)

I started brainstorming other destinations for a bachelorette party that are more local but could be equally as fun. And then I thought: What about Portsmouth, NH? This is what a hypothetical bachelorette weekend in Portsmouth could entail:

Spa day at Duda Spa

All the gals can get pampered for the weekend at Duda spa centrally located in downtown Portsmouth. They offer massages, mani pedis, even makeup application. Everyone will feel GOORRRGEOUSS and ready to take on the town after a day at Duda spa.

Live Music and Drinks at Thirsty Moose Taphouse

To be honest, I really just like the name. Any place called “The Thirsty Moose" is sure to offer delicious libations and good times for all. And I saw that they have live local bands perform there and it’s always fun to enjoy the local flavor.

Late night Junk food at Gilley’s Diner

After quenching the thirst and dancing the night away at The Thirsty Moose, the ladies are sure to have a hankering for some drunk munchies. Gilley's seems to be just the spot for that with all kinds of interesting hot dogs on the menu and fries that have mash potatoes and gravy on top of them. I KNOW RIGHT!? It’s like dying and going to carb heaven.

Tapas at Moxy

Tapas are always a grand old time especially when you are in a big group because sharing is caring. And Travel + Leisure magazine named Moxy one of the best farm to table restaurants in the state of NH.

Comedy Show at “Live Free or Die Laughing”


The name makes me giggle! I see what they did there. This comedy club is located in the Sheraton in Portsmouth which I think is pretty cool. And if you’re staying there, how convenient! Also I think a comedy show is a really fun activity to do at a bachelorette because the bride will most likely be decked out in her gear (sash, veil, all that nonsense) so the comedians often pick them out of the crowd and playfully make of them while making them feel special and like the belle of the ball!

Farewell Piano Brunch at Rudi’s

Rudi's seems like a classy way to end a sassy weekend. Regaling tales of the weekend over mimosas with a live piano soundtrack. PERFECT.

Are there any other activities that could go on my make-believe bachelorette weekend in Portsmouth, NH?!

I’ll leave you with one more pic of me in a tutu because I enjoy humiliating myself publicly.


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