Earlier this week, numerous news agencies were reporting that the CDC had supposedly issued a warning about beards and the risk for Coronavirus.

An infographic (below) with 36 different facial hair styles went viral, showing which styles would be more at risk for the virus. That turned out to be fake news, according to Science Alert.

The infographic has nothing to do with Coronavirus. The CDC released information about masks and respirators and workplace safety in 2017. That's THREE YEARS AGO.

In fact, the CDC talks about preventing the spread of coronavirus and respiratory diseases on their website with typical things like avoiding people who are sick, staying home when you are sick, covering your cough with a tissue, washing your hands, etc.

Can you imagine how the face of New England (pun intended) would change if the warning was true and thousands of men shaved off their facial hair? I have encountered more people with beards in this part of the world than any other, and I've traveled to many places in the U.S. and abroad.

So, keep the beard and don't always believe everything you hear on the news or read on the Internet.

Verify information by doing your own research, and stay in the know.

(Infographic: CDC)
(Infographic: CDC)

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