Did you know there are over 13,000 farmers in our state?  And that there are over 115 Farmers' Markets during the summer in Maine? We really missed going to Farmer's Markets last summer, as they are such an important part of Maine life. So it's wonderful to see them back! The markets are one of the best places in Maine to meet interesting people and shop from farmers, gardeners, bakers, specialty food producers, and crafters. The great folks at the Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets do fantastic work to support Farmers' Markets throughout the state.  Want to go to a Farmers' Market? The first thing you need to do is find one near you. Thanks to the MFFM, that's easy. They have listings and even an interactive map you can check out.

Check out MFFM interactive map HERE.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The MFFM has all kinds of great programs to connect Mainers to Farmers' Markets. One of them is called Bumper Crop. With this program, companies buy gift vouchers from MFFM and then hand them out to their employees for incentives, thank-you's, or for whatever reason. These give vouchers are good for participating Farmers' Markets in Maine. This is a great way to support our farmers and show appreciation to employees. So, hey, let your boss know about Bumper Crop! Maine is still coming out of COVID, so please make sure that you are healthy and follow any guidelines at the markets. We will see you this summer at the Farmers' Market!

Find Out About The MFFM Bumper Crop Program Here


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