I see posts like this all the time on my Facebook feed. Found stuffed animals and other personal items but this one hit a little closer to home.

Some kids had blankies or a teddy bear but I had a pink bunny that I creatively named Pink Bunny. Hey, I got it for my very first Easter. Give me some credit.

So today when I was scrolling my News Feed and saw this sad pink rabbit all I could think about was a little girl like I once was, missing her beloved Pink Bunny.

I imagine a little girl out with her family experiencing all the sights and sounds of Cabela's and somewhere along the way it falling out of her arms, or a stroller.

The owner is out there somewhere! If you know anyone with a kiddo that was at Cabela's on or around Sunday, January 31st please reach out to the store or comment on the original Facebook post.

From a 30-year-old who still has Pink Bunny, my fingers are crossed tightly for a happy ending!

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