Oh, Bob...

Just looking at Portland's king of comedy Bob Marley makes me giggle. But his take on Pat Callaghan leaving News Center Maine after 40 some odd years is priceless.

What would be even funnier is if Pat Callaghan actually did exactly what Bob thinks he's going to do. Just go about his life and announce his presence no matter where he is.

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I love Bob and if he ever retires, there will be people making video tributes to him too. But he's still touring and being funny, so this time is about Pat Callaghan. News Center Maine of course had a million tributes. When you are on TV for 40 years, there's a lot of video of your work, your screw-ups (so few for Pat Callaghan), and the fun! I don't know how I found this, but there is a YouTube video of Mainers saying their goodbyes to Pat. I found myself watching all the tributes and nice things said...and then I saw MY FACE! If you watch pay attention around the mark 35:45 for a face made for radio - mine. Lori Voornas

Yup, for some reason (daddy issues?) I was obsessed with Pat Callaghan.

Now, who am I gonna be obsessed with? I mean I'm pretty obsessed with Bob Marley. In fact, I wanted to know where Bob was touring. He's starting a pretty crazy New England road trip. Stops in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Plus Florida (which is just an extension of Maine) and Vegas baby!

Do you know what Pat Callaghan has time for? Seeing Bob on every one of his tour dates!

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