For nearly a decade, Grace Restaurant has been one of the most unique dinner locations in the culinary haven known as Portland, Maine. Once a former Methodist Church, the building was renovated just enough to become a functioning restaurant while maintaining the church's integrity and feel. But as competition continues to swell in the city, Grace has decided to make a shift, announcing they'll focus solely on being an event center and shut down their nightly dinner service in 2019.

For several years now, Grace has been a hotspot for weddings. The picturesque venue coupled with a prime location near the Old Port have made it a favorite for out-of-towners and locals as a place to get hitched and throw a party. But it's difficult to offer lavish events downstairs while maintaining a perfect ambience for dinner upstairs. It was that internal battle that led Grace to decide events are the present and future for the venue.

Grace Restaurant will continue to operate its nightly dinner service through New Year's Eve of this year. After that, management will put their sole focus on producing top notch events for 2019 and beyond.

Time to make one last reservation before the "church restaurant" shuts those big red doors to nightly guests.

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