Governor Mills says Maine will house Afghan refugees, if they are sent here after fleeing their country.

President Joe Biden has been notified by Governor Mills that Maine is ready to house the refugees, after their country was taken over by the Taliban. The Portland Press Herald reports that it's good news for the Afghan Americans already living in Maine, who say they've had a hard time helping their loved ones flee by the August 31st deadline. A demonstration was held in Portland's Monument Square on Saturday, during which Afghan Americans called on Governor Mills to provide shelter to people displaced by the unrest.

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There's no word on how many refugees Governor Mills would be willing to accept into Maine, or where they would be placed. So far, President Biden hasn't responded to her offer.

Governors from many other states have made similar offers, including Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker who was has been critical of the Afghan Troop withdrawal. He says that refugees will be welcomed into his state. The Taliban has indicated that they will only allow the safe departure from the country until August 31st, so the need is imminent.

As of Monday, 48,000 people have left the country, with help from the United States, and tens of thousands more are trying to get out. Any refugees that are sent to Maine for resettlement will be dealing with Catholic Charities of Maine. So far, Afghans with special immigrant visas have settled in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

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