Maine Moose

Contrary to what some out of staters may think, moose are not running around our backyards like deer. When you think of “Maine” you may think of “moose” but they are elusive creatures that are hard to come by unless you’re at the right place at the right time.

I grew up my whole life in Maine and I have never seen a moose in person with my own two eyes. So, Maine moose tours are not just for our seasonal tourists but are also a fascinating way for us Mainers to finally see our famous deceptive forest beasts.

Northeast White Water Lodge, Campground & Guide Service

Located in Shirley Mills, Maine, Northeast White Water Lodge, Campground & Guide Services offer outdoor adventures that take advantage of Maine’s incredible wildlife and natural terrain.

One activity they specialize in is moose tours. They offer land and canoe moose tours, private moose safaris, and wildlife photography tours where you can get the best shot of a Maine moose in its natural habitat.

According to their website, Maine moose in the North Maine woods outnumber people from 3 to 1. So… they’re definitely out there, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see at least one on these tours.

Maine Moose Watching Tours

Whether you choose to start the morning with an early 6 a.m. tour or you go for an evening safari, all equipment, food, and drinks are provided. You will set off into Northern Maine’s nature with Registered Maine guides who will tell you everything you need to know about our elusive forest neighbors.

Maine Canoe Tours

The tour outfitter offers moose tours by land and by canoe. I would personally choose the canoe option because that’s just a fun activity in itself, and for only $67! That seems like a pretty fair price to me.

Registered Maine Guides drive you from the Moosehead Lake Region into remote Maine woods ponds where moose feed. The tour lasts 3.5-4 hours total, including the drive in, and if you choose to do an evening tour then you’ll catch a sunset overlooking Moosehead Lake. Not a bad way to spend a day in Maine.

Maine Moose Watching Land Tours by Van

You can also choose to get up close and personal to the beautiful beasts through a land tour by van. You’ll ride a scenic Maine woods road into the rugged woods where you’re able to get on and off the van at various secret moose hideaways.

When you picture spending the day in Maine, maybe you picture sitting on the coast eating a lobster roll. But, our Pine Tree State is so much more than just our rocky shores and a tour like this gives you the chance to experience and learn about Maine’s other legacies.

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