Not going to lie, one reason why I was excited to move to Maine was to be able to see a moose. Now, I know that there are places that I can visit that have a moose, like Maine Wildlife Park, but I want to see one out in the wild.

It has gotten to the point where I constantly stare out the passenger window and say, "Here Moosey, Moosey, Moosey!" I have been starting to feel like Russel from "Up" looking for a snipe.

I grew up in New England and never in my life have I seen a moose, it's honestly a bit disappointing. Maybe I don't know where to look for one, however, if you too want to try to see a moose, I have conducted some research for us both.

Best Times to Spot Moose

According to Northern Outdoors, the time of day, as well as certain months, are better for attempting to spot a moose. If you are trying to look for a moose during the middle of the day, you probably won't have much luck (which is also probably the reason I haven't really seen one). Dusk and dawn are the best times to spot a moose as that's when they are more active.

Other than the time of day, there are certain months that are best for trying to see a moose. Northern Outdoors writes that moose are most active from Mid-May through July as well as during mating season in the Fall.

Tips on Where to Look for Moose

According to Northern Outdoors, moose can be seen just about anywhere but like to be around swampy, boggy areas. You may spot a moose rolling in the mud or standing near a body of water. Of course, you can sometimes see them on the side of the road as well, especially if they are licking salt off the ground (or from a car).

I am really hoping that I can see a moose in the wild at some point. I know, you may be thinking "why?" I just think it would be cool to actually see one, plus I've wanted to since I was in 4th grade (so it needs to happen). Just remember that if you do see a moose, do not approach it, and definitely do not try to chase after one.

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