I'm one of those folks who usually opts to just kind of wade when I first get in. On a hot day, I'm generally satisfied to get into the water just above the waist.

Eventually, I'll get bolder and get my hair wet.  I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "this guy just needs to get on with it and jump right in."  Rip off that Band-Aid.

I should be more like this moose recently caught on video almost 6 hours away from Portland in Northern Maine. He's not friggin' around tip toeing his way in like me. This moose has no hesitation getting fully submerged.

This video comes us courtesy of our friends at Tylor Kellys Camps in the Allagash. The gorgeous beast is not only going for a dip, he's having some lunch.

According to the description along with the video on Facebook, this is apparently a rare thing to see a moose do.

They say "it's very common to see moose in the water but we've never seen one completely disappear! It almost looks like he's diving!!"

Tylor Kellys Camps/Facebook
Tylor Kellys Camps/Facebook

We don't know about you, but we've never seen a moose stay underwater this long before. This is a truly terrific moment.

Thanks again to Tylor Kellys Camps for sharing such a magnificent Maine Moose rarity.

Watch the whole thing right here.

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