You've probably seen Meteorologist Sarah Long giving us the weather forecast on Channel 8 WMTW. But did you know that she once hosted a local television game show?

I've know Sarah for a few years, and I had heard at some point about her stint as a game show host, but I didn't really know much about it. So I decided to do some digging, and I was pleasantly surprised to not only find out all about it, but also see that there are still many episodes available online to watch!

The game show was called Mest Up. It pitted teams of Maine High School students against each other, testing their knowledge of all things science. The show also featured segments with Sarah's husband, Tom Long.

My fiancé, Kathleen Jordan, works with Sarah at WMTW. She had also heard about this, but had never seen it either. We spent some time this weekend watching the show, and were rather impressed! I'd love to see them bring back Mest Up...Sarah did a great job as the host!!

Check out some of the episodes on the KickStartGame YouTube channel here.

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