Ever had it at your job and want to up and quit? They did in Eliot.

It appears by the signs on the door, that the employees of the Dollar General store had enough. It's closed 'indefinitely' because, well...there are no employees.

One of the signs says to Google 'general strike.' I did. It appears that it is a movement that demands a livable wage for workers in retail. The handwritten signs on this door ooze frustration.

Closed indefinitely because Dollar General doesn't pay a living wage or treat their employees with respect.
Google 'general strike' and learn how we can take our power bak. To our loyal customers who treated us with respect, thank you. We love you. ❤️
Thank you for the sodas Joe! 😎
Capitalism will destroy this country. If you don't pay people enough to live their lives, why should they slave away for you?


Oh man...that's some super frustrated employees! Found an article on NBC News that wasn't the most positive about Dollar General -- actually, it was really negative -- about super growth and cost cutting at employees' expense. I don't know what happened in Eliot, but I applaud them sticking up for themselves.

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