On the coastline of Little Diamond Island in Portland, are there several shipwrecks buried deep below the ocean's surface? It sure looks like it. 

Time to let your imagination run wild. A quick look at this Google Maps satellite image of Little Diamond Island won't catch your eye, but if you creep a little close, magnify the image just a little more, there's a peculiar sight right off the coast. 4 boats, all jumbled next to each other, seemingly sunken and unseen by the naked eye below the ocean's surface.

So what's the story? A quick Google search of "shipwreck Little Diamond Island" nets no serious results. If you dig further with any combination of words that may include sunken ships and boat accidents around Little Diamond Island, nothing juicy comes up. So is this satellite image just nonsense or is there some ghost story here that has yet to be told? It's fair to wonder if this was something recent...or perhaps part of the ocean floor nobody has bothered to explore.

The idea of these being shipwrecks was proposed on Reddit in a shipwreck post with some commenters suggesting that this be worth further investigation. Pirates? Old colonial ships? Perhaps wartime vessels? Or is Google just playing tricks with our eyes and minds?  As we said, time to use your imagination...oh and first dibs if there's buried treasure.

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