Super Mario New Hampshire

Shared on the New Hampshire subreddit, TheGeographyPin, aka Miguel, shared his latest masterpiece, the state of New Hampshire.

Miguel isn't from New Hampshire or even the United States. Miguel is an illustrator from Peru and has started a project tackling all 50 states. He's done 14 states in the Super Mario style so far with New Hampshire being the first in New England.

What's amazing is that Miguel is doing his homework with each state he tackles finding terrain variations and landmarks.

See anything you recognize?

He included the Mount Washington Motel, Joy Farm, Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park, Franklin Pierce Homestead, New Hampshire State House, USS Albacore, Saint Joseph Cathedral, and First Church Nashua.

Now begs the question? Where in NH do you think Bowser would hide out? I'm thinking up Mount Washington or somewhere along the Kancamagus Highway.

What's Next?

What state are you looking forward to next? Here's hoping we spot Fenway Park in Massachusetts, Portland Head Light in Maine, and maybe a haunted house in Bangor in honor of Stephen King.

Be sure to follow TheGeographyPin on Instagram to see all his previous pieces and to be the first to see what's next here! You can also purchases prints of Super Mario New Hampshire and t-shirts here!

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