If I laid all my concert ticket stubs from end to end I'm pretty sure they'd circle the globe at least once. They're shoved in bins and memory boxes in storage, just waiting to be displayed in all their glory so I can always remember the stellar live music I've experienced over the years. If you want to do more with your ticket stubs (like I do), these creative options will let you show off your concert portfolio with more than just a shadow box.

Concert Ticket Floor Mats

Lakeside Photo Works

Lakeside Photo Works says all you have to do is "order directly from your phone after you get a good capture of your stub. Additionaly, you can scan your ticket or art, if you have a reasonably good scanner (don’t use the B&W office printer that jams)." For the best quality mat you can get, you can mail the ticket stub to them and their "real life humans" will produce your mat from the ticket and mail the stub back to you with the finished product. So cool!

Concert Ticket Bracelets

Etsy/Laura Douglas Jewelry

Want to wear your concert memories on your wrist for any occasion? This Etsy designer can turn your stub into a stellar bracelet. There's many options for finish and style. It's not a direct copy of your ticket, but you provide all the ticket info to the artist who transfers it into the bracelet template.

Concert Ticket Pillows

Etsy/Abby Kate Pillows

These are perfect for a music-obsessed teen's bedroom or a full grown adult's living room. Starting at $40 a pillow you can have your ticket stubs as cuddly throw pillows thanks to another Etsy designer.

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