LEGO has been around for almost 90 years and children across generations have loved the building blocks that snap together.

I remember having a LEGO set as a kid in the '70s before they became the complex set with thousands of pieces that they are today. I wasn't even able to put together a simple house, so it never really resonated with me.

Today LEGO has been called the world's most popular brand, according to Brand Finance, taking the top spot in 2015 and knocking car manufacturer Ferrari out of first.

So many children who grew up with LEGOs have passed their love of these building bricks down to their kids and grandkids. And now generations of people still collect them today.

There is even a LEGO Fan club that tours the country called BrickUniverse, and it's coming to Maine.

BrickUniverse is a family-operated LEGO fan event for all ages that lets you meet face-to-face with professional LEGO artists so that you can learn the secrets of master building to build your own LEGO masterpiece.

There will be a display of one of the largest LEGO creations under one roof along with other LEGO works of art and creations built with hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks.

This is pretty much any LEGO fan's dream event.

BrickUniverse via Facebook
BrickUniverse via Facebook

Originally, BrickUniverse was set to come to the Portland Expo on Saturday, April 29, and Sunday, April 30, but due to unforseen circumstances, the event has been rescheduled.

BrickUniverse will now be coming to the Portland Expo on Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10. (There will also be a Friday, September 8, sneak peak.)

A bunch of the sessions have already sold out, but there are still some tickets left if you still want to get them.

You can get your tickets here and get all the times and extra details.

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