Flatbread Company, located at 72 Commercial Street in the heart of Portland, Maine, had the distinct honor of hosting a surprise visit from none other than Dave Portnoy, the renowned star of Barstool Sports.

His mission? To sample and review their delectable pizza for the world to see, with just one bite.

As he began to start filming for his YouTube Channel, One Bite Pizza Reviews, a charming Mainer walked by, with her Flatbread pie in hand and asked Dave casually if he'd like to eat his pizza on a lobster boat saying, "That's the only way to do it in Maine."

Dave wasted no time in accepting the generous offer. Together, they walked down the dock toward her waiting lobster boat and Dave remarked that he's never done a review on a lobster boat.

Little did anyone know, this marked a first for his show being his very first food review on a lobster boat!

What did he think of the pizza from Flatbread? He remarked that the pizza had the charcoal on the back which made sense because its a wood fired pie, however he would have liked it if it were more crisp. Flatbread is known for their thin pies and for pizza so thin, Dave thinks it should be more crispy.

You can watch the video on YouTube, here.

He scored the pizza at a 6.8 after one bite. He seemed to be more excited about the water taxis and how popular they were than the pizza from what I witnessed.

Dave loves Maine and you can tell because he's had a lot of firsts and that's how he describes our state. A state of firsts and lots of adventure,

What do you think of Flatbread Company's pizza? Do you agree with Dave's score?

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