It's not often that singers say what they really think about other singers in the music industry, but when they do, things can get messy.

Over the years, we've seen our fair share of celebrity feuds, including all the times A-list musicians have called out other artists. Who can forget the time Katy Perry compared Taylor Swift to Regina George, or when Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy called out Ariana Grande for her song "7 rings," claiming she plagiarized their songs? There's also the time Nicki Minaj straight-up put Miley Cyrus on blast at the MTV VMAs. Yikes.

Being in the public eye is complicated and some celebrities have a tough time keeping their personal issues private. Some artists have even publicly thrown shade at their famous ex-boyfriends/girlfriends over things like Instagram comments and songs they've written about one another. (*cough* T-Swift *cough*)

It's savage, sure, but TBH we live for the drama! Below, check out 17 artists who have called out other artists.

Musicians Who Have Called Out Other Artists

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