"It all happened so fast, it felt like a dream!"

...is what Zachary Spencer said after his dreams of meeting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally came true.

We're all fans of celebrities, but Zachary has been manifesting this meeting his entire life. Before his 26th birthday, he made a "bucket list," and the first thing on that list was "You Will Meet Kim."

He is a strong believer in affirmations and speaking things into existence.

Zachary Spencer via Facebook

He found out that Kim was going to be hosting "Saturday Night Live," so on October 9, 2021, he waited outside for her along with other super fans and paparazzi. He had little to no sleep, but nothing could stop him from getting the chance to capture a glimpse of the person who has unknowingly given him so many gifts simply by existing.

Zachary Spencer, via Facebook

Isn't it amazing that you may never meet a person in your entire life but they can have such a heavy effect on you? Zachary has been a huge Kardashian fan for years, thanks to his mom for introducing him to the show.

Zachary Spencer, via Facebook

Meeting "Queen Kimberly" as he calls her, was "surreal". Zachary goes on to say "She's stunning in photos, but even more stunning in person. The entire experience was worth it. It was magical."

It may have been quick, but it was a moment he'll never forget. A moment where Kim saw him, witnessed him, and even if it was just another fan to her, the impact she has on simply making eye contact with someone can change their life. That's the power of a celebrity and thankfully Kim uses that power for good.

Zachary Spencer, facebook

Click here to see the TMZ article of Zachary pictured with Kim and Kanye in New York leaving their hotel heading to the SNL!

Zachary lived in Livermore, Maine, for some time but now is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He is active online about his love for Kim and the Kardashian crew, often posting pictures of her that inspire him and push him to want to share the love with his followers.

You can follow Zachary's Facebook Page and join in on the fandom that is Queen Kimberly!

Is there a celebrity that you wish you could meet?

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