While writing about Aerosmith and other bands who have played Fenway Park, I would’ve sworn U2 would be among them. It seems silly to even suggest a band with such deep ties to Boston was not on the list.

Alas, tis the case.

While U2 has often been a name rumored to be playing Fenway – with one report suggesting they were about to sign on the dotted line – Bono and Pedro never crossed paths. I hope U2 makes it happen one day, and now present to you three more acts that I hope will make a stop at Fenway before they retire from the road.

This one is dicey, as it seems unclear what plans, if any, AC/DC has to resume touring. After some hurt feelings and miscommunications regarding Brian Johnson’s health in 2016, Angus Young recruited Axl Rose to fill in, Cliff Williams quit, and before you knew it, AC/DC was looking a lot like Mike Love’s “Beach Boys.”

Then the group ironed things out and got to work on a new album…then saw a global pandemic halt plans for much of anything. It seemed as though the moment had passed…but there was Johnson at the tribute for Taylor Hawkins, sounding and looking and good as ever.

Could they have one more cannonball up their sleeve? After all, “Thunderstruck” is the intro song for your Boston Celtics.

Don't you remember what happened to the driver in "Seinfeld" when Elaine gave him free tickets to see these guys? You gotta take that kind of metal outside, man! See if you can light up the Citgo sign with a freakin' Lars Ulrich drum solo!

It’s easy to wonder how this hasn’t come to pass yet, but Madonna is already busy writing and preparing to direct her own autobiopic. She also doesn’t tour quite as often as some assume, having been off the road since 2020.

But if, with all due respect, some not-quite-Madonna acts of the '80s and early '90s can fill up Fenway, you gotta reach out to the Queen, right?

Kanye West
Well…if nothing else, you know it would be a great show and some very interesting stuff would transpire. And would I be willing to let him assume managing control of the Red Sox? At this point, why not?

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