Oh, the pride so many of us have living in New England, one of the best, most distinctive regions in the country.  Maybe you think living in Massachusetts beats out every other New England state, or maybe you're a Mainer who can't imagine living anywhere else in New England.  That said, are our most popular baby names just as individualized in 2023?

nihal karakala
nihal karakala

We all find the unique, off-the-beaten-path places we love in each New England state, whether it's where we live or love to vacay.  As a region, we're also super special in each state, from the side streets and architecture of Boston to the idyllic towns like Kennebunkport and Portsmouth, and the small urban chicness of Portland.  From the White Mountains and beautiful lakes of New Hampshire to the Ivy League greatness, superb seafood, covered bridges and lighthouses, Berkshires, world-class resorts of Vermont, and sailing heavens of Newport and The Cape, the differences we have are arguably the best.  Oh, and our beaches are a blast, too.

So, do our baby names match the uniqueness of each New England state compared to the rest of America?

juan encalada
juan encalada

According to Mental Floss 'Olivia' is the most popular girl's name in the country, and 'Liam' is the most popular boy's name.  So, where did each New England state land with the most popular names nationally?  Mental Floss says that the Social Security Administration meticulously tracks the number of newborns with each name for Social Security card applications nationally and state by state, so here's where originality and distinctiveness end.  Here are the most popular baby names in each New England state.

Connecticut: Olivia and Noah

Maine: Charlotte and Olive

Massachusetts: Olivia and Noah

New Hampshire: Olivia and Oliver

Rhode Island: Olivia and Liam

Vermont: Charlotte and Henry

Click here to see the most popular names in each state.

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