It's always interesting to hear what newcomers and out-of-staters think about New Hampshire. Often times, their observations are obvious. For instance, a lifelong Floridian will definitely be shocked by our cold temperatures and fairly short summers. Then there are the less "in your face" things, like how we don't legally have to wear seatbelts and don't have a sales tax.

We previously asked what things shocked people after moving to New Hampshire, and the answers ranged from people stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks to mud season, and everything in between. You also gotta know the 12 unwritten rules of New Hampshire, as it's important to understand the 411 if you're a Granite State newbie. Then there was the time we dived into the eight things you'll only understand if you live in New Hampshire, cause there are some things that only us locals can relate to.

But when someone hears that you're from New Hampshire, what are the first words that come out of their mouth? This writer has seen several TikTok videos where a person is discussing New Hampshire, and someone comments something to the effect of "wait...people actually live in New Hampshire?"

Believe it or not, they do. But yours truly doesn't take offense when an out-of-stater asks that, cause there are definitely some states that don't cross our minds because they seem so far away and isolated.

What other things do people say when they find out you're from New Hampshire? Here's what locals think. How many of these questions and comments have you heard before?

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