When you work in broadcasting in Maine or any state for that matter, there is no escaping interactions with the viewers/listeners etc. Most of those interactions are positive, but occasionally you run into someone who has a list of grievances and can't wait to unload them all in that very moment. But even those grievances likely wouldn't add up to the absolute irrational, nonsensical, and mind-numbing email a News Center Maine meteorologist received after a harmless forecast.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, the forecast that aired on Tuesday featured a 7-day outlook that looked at the weekend, including Easter Sunday. Typically, the 7-day forecast has blurbs like "partly cloudy" or "warm and sunny" to give a brief explanation of what to expect along with the pictures. But this 7-day forecast included labeling Easter Sunday as a "decent day". WEATHER WISE. Unfortunately, it sent a longtime viewer of the station down a path that nobody else even considered.

The email is so incomprehensibly ridiculous that one almost has to assume that it's a joke. How any normal and sane person could get so wildly triggered by a weather forecast is something that needs to be studied further. But the idea that this individual has stuck to viewing one station for nearly four decades and decided that a single 20-second forecast was the last straw is something that leading scientists in the world may never understand. With that, other people had some clever responses to the angry emailers reaction. Enjoy.

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