These are the apps that I use every day and can't live without!

I use my phone A LOT (some might say too much) for many different things. While I have quite a few apps on it, there are a handful that I use a lot more than others. Here are my top 5 smartphone apps!

94.9 HOM App

I love our brand new app! You can stream the station, check out all of our great local stories, and easily send us messages, pictures, and video!

Dunkin Donuts

My favorite part of the Dunkin app is the On-The-Go ordering...I use it all the time! I place my order, run downstairs, and my stuff is ready...I don't even have to wait in line!


This app syncs up with my fitbit, and I use it to obsessively track my steps, calories burned, and sleep!


Instagram has become my favorite social media platform. Way less clutter than Facebook!


Even though I'm on Facebook way less than I used to be, I still check in daily to see what my friends and family are up to.